Creality – K1 Max

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Creality – K1 Max


Crality K1 Max reaches new levels of printing speed but with the large build volume of 300 x 300 x 300mm. K1 Max uses an AI camera to watch over spaghetti failure, foreign objects, debris, etc. It will alert you when an error occurs.


  • 600mm/s Printing Speed
  • Versatile AI LiDAR
  • Observant AI Camera
  • Large Build Volume:300*300*300mm

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Fast, in an Epic Way

Crazy 600mm/s. The K1 series is 12 times faster than a regular FDM 3D printer. Sit tight for the thrill of breath-taking speed.

Nimble Setup for Speed

Creality K1 Max combines the nimble Core XY with a 190g lightweight printhead for less motion inertia. Agile and swift.

32mm³/s Flow in Full Blast

New ceramic heater, encircling the entire hotend. It heats to 200℃ in 40s and melts the filament instantly. Dual-gear direct extruder, delivering 50N strong extrusion force. Hotend with a titanium alloy heatbreak and a copper alloy nozzle, working with flying colors in up to 300℃.

Model Cooling by Dual Fans

A large fan on the printhead with air ducts cools the model directly. An 18W auxiliary fan in the build chamber enhances the cooling effect, too.

The model hardens before any stringing and warping could happen. It allows support-free bridges and overhangs.

Creality Print 4.3 with Speed Genes

The latest self-developed slicer Creality Print 4.3 includes rich presets, and streamlines the slicing process into 3 simple stages. Even better, it bolsters high-speed printing with variable line width, arc path, and so on.

Max Capacity, Efficient Use of Space

K1 Max boasts a 300x300x300mm large build volume, great for rapid prototyping or design verification. It also offers a high build volume to printer size ratio of 25.5%. K1 Max is the most size efficient FDM 3D printer in its class.

AI-assisted Carefree Printing

  • AI LiDAR
  • AI Camera
  • Creality OS
  • Multi-printers Control

AI LiDAR Takes Care of the First Layer

Still worry about the first layer? Just leave it all to the AI LiDAR of K1 Max. The 1 μm resolution LiDAR will scan the first layer on its own. It will pause printing and tell you immediately if something goes wrong.

AI Camera Keeps a Keen Watch

K1 Max uses an AI camera to watch over spaghetti failure, foreign objects, debris, etc. It will alert you when an error occurs. It also supports real-time monitoring and creates time-lapses for sharing.

Creality OS

K1 Max adopts the smart Creality OS. It features a straightforward UI, and syncs data and commands with PC, phone, Cloud, and add-on modules. The snappy dual-core 1.2GHz CPU powers high-speed printing with ease. The 8G ROM stores up to 400 model files and enables quick writing and reading.

Intelligent Aid to Your Print Farm

Once K1 Max is connected via WiFi or RJ45 Ethernet port to the LAN or Internet, you can monitor and control the printing from a PC or phone with Creality Print software or Creality Cloud. Even better, when many K1 Max printers are online, they can be easily clustered or grouped for volume production.

Rigid Frame, Stable Quality

The unibody die-cast aluminum alloy frame of K1 Max is CNC machined to be precise and rigid.It enables steady printing at high speed. And the print quality is excellent the whole time.

Delicate Texture without Z-banding

The upgraded Z-axis with more accurate positioning reduces Z-banding effectively. The texture has never been so subtle.

Additional information




Technology FDM
Build Volume 300×300×300mm
Machine Dimension 435 mm x 462 mm x 526 mm
Usable Nozzle Type K1
Net Weight 18kg
Gross Weight 23kg
Printing Speed Maximum suggested 500mm/s
Printing Precision ±0.1mm
Layer Height 0.1mm-0.35mm
Filament Diameter 1.75mm
Nozzle Quantity 1
Nozzle Diameter 0.4 mm (standard)
Nozzle Temperature up to 300°C
Heat Bed Temperature up to 100°C
Build Surface Flexible Magnetic Steel plate
Extruder Direct drive
Extruder Material Full-metal
Levelling Mode Automatic
HEPA Filter Yes
Camera Yes
Resume Printing Yes
Rated Voltage 100-120V~, 200-240V~, 50/60Hz
Rated Power 1000Watt
Slicing Software Creality Slicer
Data Transmission Method USB Port/ Ethernet Port/Cloud/ Wifi
3D File Format STL/OBJ/AMF
Supported Filament PLA/PETG/ABS
Supported Language Chinese, English