Filament PM RePLA+ – Recycled 1kg – 1.75mm

Filament PM RePLA+ – Recycled 1kg – 1.75mmadmin02/04/202326/01/2024

Filament PM RePLA+ – Recycled 1kg – 1.75mm


Are you looking for Filaments in Cyprus? Look no further than Filament PM PLA+! Made from renewable corn starch and fully biodegradable, this easy-to-use material is perfect for beginners and advanced users.

The same quality of PLA+ but recycled

Given that we take PLA+ as the future flagship among Filament PM’s filaments,  recycling this material and creating RePLA+ is the next logical step not only in recycling but also in more efficient production and a more favorable price. The technological process of production is identical to our standard production, with the only difference being that we use recycled granulate for its production.

The tolerance of the printing string diameter is identical to the normal tolerance of our spools (0.02 – 0.05 mm).

Get started on your 3D printing projects today with Filament PM RePLA+ – the top choice for filaments in Cyprus!

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Looking for a high-quality and user-friendly 3D printing filament in Cyprus? Look no further than Filament PM PLA+. Our filament is made of polylactic acid, making it an environmentally friendly option for your next 3D printing project. It’s easy to use, has a low melting point, and has outstanding layer adhesion due to robust and stable 3d prints. And with a diameter of 1.75mm and a weight of 1kg, as a result to be compatible with most 3D printers and can be used to produce a vast range of 3D models, such as prototypes, home decoration, and indoor products.

Same for printing as PLA+, but cheaper

Due to our highest standards, the task was to bring recycled material that will not have a consistent color (impossible to achieve), but the same printing quality as our PLA+. And it worked! So all you have to do is send the filament for printing and enjoy trouble-free printing with a better price tag. Compared to the classic PLA+, you will save nearly 3€ (without VAT) on a 1kg spool of RePLA+ and the Builder pack even 24€ (without VAT).

Perfect post-processing

If you have experience with the subsequent editing of prints, then you know that the different colour between the spools does not matter so much.
You do plan to further process and colour the print. If you add that RePLA+ has the same quality as our classic PLA+ and you buy it for a better price? That’s a must-have!
It’s up to you how you handle the material. Whether you’re testing, prototyping, or getting ready for a life-size Dwayne Johnson model. If the pleasant sound of returning axes on the printer after printing does not mean the end of the creation, but only the beginning, this material is made for you!

Matte and fresh look
This edition will charm you with its colourful and fresh colours, which retain their matte appearance typical of PLA+.
Perfect first layer
We can say that the first layer has never been more effortless. PLA+, thanks to its better consistency, adheres better to the printer’s base, the individual lines of the filling are better interconnected, and a much more uniform surface is created.
Nozzle: 190 – 210 °C
Heatbed: 60 °C

✅ Attractive matte appearance ❌ Low-temperature resistance
✅ Suitable for 3D pens
✅ Higher viscosity = does not clog the nozzle
✅ It tolerates insufficient cooling of the printer in a warm environment
✅ Thanks to the lower printing temperature, suitable for bridging and printing overhangs

Additional information




Filament PM


1 Kg





Diameter 1.75 mm
Tolerance 0,05 mm
Weight 1 kg
Empty spool weight 0.216 kg
Packaging weight 1.38 kg
Packaging dimensions W: 230 mm, H: 80 mm, D: 210 mm
Nozzle 190 – 210°C
Heatbed 60 °C
RAL can not be specified
Pantone can not be specified
Art.No. 252113310560000
EAN 8594185642718
Manufacturer Filament PM

Why Filament PM?

Filament PM We take care of the highest possible quality of input materials from which they produce their filaments. Thanks to more than 30 years of experience in the production of plastics, they have the knowledge to make products whose quality we proudly stand behind.

Our materials make 3D printing easy even for complete beginners. Printers are assured of a quality result with our filaments and do not have to worry about any problems if they leave the printer unattended. Beginners in 3D printing will appreciate our easy-to-print materials, e.g PLAPLA+, and PETG materials.
Advanced printers can choose from a wide range of industrial materials with us, such as chemically and heat-resistant PPJetCarbon,  and many more.

Sustainability is not about what we do now, but about long-term and hard work that benefits our planet. Above all our vision is to minimize waste. Sustainability means producing and using eco-materials.

We promote the use of our materials and 3D printing in general because 3D printing, as an additive manufacturing method, is a suitable and ecological alternative for every industry.

You can find more about our sustainability here.