E3D V6 Brass Nozzle – 0.4mm

E3D V6 Brass Nozzle – 0.4mmvasilismezos12/08/202326/04/2024

E3D V6 Brass Nozzle – 0.4mm


The largest selection of high-performance brass nozzles on the market, which were developed for 3D printing of perfectly smooth layers. Upgrade your 3D printer to print fine details or large parts with the V6 nozzles from E3D.

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V6 nozzles are designed for use with the E3D V6 heater block. Modify your HotEnd to print with small nozzle orifices to achieve fine details or larger nozzle orifice sizes for more substantial, stronger 3D prints. 1.75mm Brass V6 nozzles are fully compatible with the Prusa 3D printers.


Brass nozzles, featuring E3D’s signature internal geometry, have optimal thermal properties for everyday printing, providing smooth layers for standard non-abrasive applications. Rated to a max temperature of 300°C.